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These guys were great! They did a nice job cleaning our very full and dirty set of gutters.  IT was very cold and dark already.  They were fast, efficient and friendly.  Thank you!! Gayle G - Coeur d'Alene

100% reliable and hard working.  Justin makes you feel so comfortable and his work ethic is far to see these days.  He’s been cleaning my windows for 10 years. Dawn Olsen - Coeur d'Alene

Justin has been washing our windows for the last 8 years.  He’s very reliable, fair and does an excellent job.  We highly recommend his work. Donna Wilms

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Spokane Pressure Washing 

The exteriors of a building and the sidewalks, driveways and patios of a home inevitably accumulate tons of dirt over time. Cleaning these surfaces with soap and water is hardly adequate – the areas will have accumulated plenty of mold, mildew and bacteria which might require special cleaning to deal with. Moreover, the surfaces could have stubborn stains which can only be removed by the use of special cleaning equipment and solutions.

As a home improvement measure, you might have decided to use a pressure washer to clean the bacteria, dirt and grime but is this the way to go about it? Why would it be more prudent to leave this specialized task to the professionals?

Despite your preparations and best intentions, a cleaning job handled by an untrained person can go totally wrong and fail to produce desire results.

The risk of physical injuries – The Spokane Valley homeowner who is used to cleaning using a garden hose might lack the competence to handle a pressure washer. Statistics available indicate that the untrained person who handles these cleaning tools could actually be taking a big risk. Each year, there are thousands of hospital admissions involving people who tried to pressure clean without adequate knowledge on the operation of the equipment.

The risk of personal injury comes in many forms. For starters, the pressure you are dealing with when using a pressure washer is about fifty times greater than the pressure released by a garden hose. The pressure is so big that, should you accidentally point it at your bare feet, it is capable of cutting through skin and bone. This immense pressure also makes it rather hard for the untrained person to control the hose thereby increasing the risk of directing it the wrong way.

Doing it yourself

Deciding on the cleaning order – The DIY house cleaner might have a problem deciding on the order in which the cleaning of the house’s exterior will follow especially if the windows too have to be cleaned. Some DIY homeowners clean the windows first then proceed to pressure wash. The result in such a situation is that the dirt and grime that is blasted off the walls ends up getting deposited on the windows. Deciding on the cleaning order to follow is important otherwise the whole task can turn out to be an exercise in futility.

The Right Equipment

A machine that would be ideal for one job might not be appropriate for another. Moreover, some of the rental machines available are outdated and some could actually pose safety hazards. Deciding on the correct machine for a particular job might prove impossible for the untrained person and you might end up getting a machine that does not produce desired results in which case you might have to re-do the job at an additional cost. An expert Power Washing Company in Spokane has all of this covered.

To reduce the risk of personal injury, it is imperative that the person using a pressure washer wears special clothing and heavy-duty boats. Even with such preparation, the job can hardly ever be done competently by an untrained person hence the need to leave this specialized work to pressure washing Spokane pros.

A cleaning job usually requires the use of ladders to help reach the hard-to-reach places. Using a ladder compounds the danger that the untrained cleaning person is exposed to. The surfaces being worked on will usually be slippery and therefore the chances of falling off increase substantially. In fact, the majority of novice cleaning injuries are caused by falling off ladders. An improperly placed ladder could also fall on and injure other people and pets.

Risk of damage to property – The immense pressure produced by pressure washers is what makes them the ideal equipment for the removal of stubborn dirt and grime. In the wrong hands, however, power washers are capable of doing more harm than good. A home’s exterior is made of varying materials all of which require varying pressures to clean. The DIY cleaner might start by cleaning concrete before moving on to more delicate surfaces such as timber and roof tiles. Needless to say, the pressure that is ideal for the different surfaces differs. It is therefore very easy to cause damage to certain areas of your home when you do not know the correct pressure setting for the different materials. The delicate surfaces such as timber are especially susceptible as is the paintwork. To save yourself the trouble of damages to property which will have to be remedied at a substantial expense, it makes more sense to use the services of Spokane pressure washing professionals.

For the DIY cleaner, rental washing equipment is available from a myriad of sources including department stores, rental shops and hardware stores. The various sources hire their equipment at varying prices and this is indicative of the varying capabilities of the equipment.

Risk of exposure to chemicals – While not every cleaning job makes use of chemical, the vast majority of them will call for the use of one or several chemicals. Cleaning professionals fully understand that the choice and mixing of the cleaning solutions is actually more important than the sourcing of a machine. Handling chemicals without proper training could pose risks to the residents of your home as well as the plants. Since bruises and cuts are common when cleaning, it is possible for the chemicals to end up in the bloodstream and this could pose a serious health problem.

The untrained person might also not know how to deal with the wastewater generated by the cleaning exercise to ensure that it does not end up polluting the environment. A cleaning job that pollutes the environment could make the homeowner incur the wrath of the EPA which could impose a hefty fine.
By using the services of power washing Spokane professionals, the homeowner can rest assured that the chemicals used in a cleaning job are environmentally friendly. Moreover, all the wastewater generated by the exercise will either be recycled or collected and disposed off in a way that is compliant with EPA regulations.


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Even in the most carefully planned jobs, mishaps do occur and it is possible for some chemicals or wastewater to end up polluting the environment thereby attracting an EPA fine. In such an unfortunate event, the fines imposed are borne by the homeowner and they can be quite debilitating. When a homeowner entrusts the work to professionals, he or she can count on the insurance cover carried by the cleaning company to take care of any fines that might arise.

Electrical hazards – There are plenty of electrical hazards when cleaning using pressure washers. Owing to the excessive pressure used, the cords used could get cracked and absorb water which could lead to electric shock, fires or even electrocution. A professional knows how to handle the machine to reduce the risks of the electrical hazards in addition to wearing the correct gear to ensure that the risks of whatever electrical hazards that may arise are minimized if not eliminated.

Quite clearly, home cleaning has the capacity to become a long and complicated task that also comes with a host of potential hazards. Even for the hardcore DIY person, this is one job that should be left to professionals. To ensure that you do not risk your life unnecessarily and to guarantee satisfactory results, you should entrust your next cleaning job to Spokane power washing professionals.

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