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Coeur d’Alene Window Cleaning Company

Welcome to A Pane in the Glass – You may be wondering “how do I find a good reliable cleaning company”? A better question you should be asking is the Window Washing Company Licensed and Insured?  All company’s will say they are but it’s something you should check for your protection.  Without the insurance you could be sued for the very house you’re living in.   We carry a 2 million dollar liability policy and will happily  show proof.

Any company can make claims they are great, but usually, if you want the truth just ask their customers.  Reviews and testimonials are a great way. A Pane in the Glass has hundreds of reviews and testimonials from current and past customers. Which can be found thru several sites like Angie’s List and  We will also provide additional names and contact information upon request.  A Pane in the Glass is a Professional Coeur d Alene Window cleaning company going on 15 years in business.  We won’t ever ask you to sign a contract, binding you to unwanted service.

A Pane in the Glass is considered a premier choice for Coeur d Alene window cleaning and have been awarded Best Window Cleaning by  2011 thru 2016. We are also a paying member of  Also the proud recipient of the “Angie’s List Super Service Award” for 2012 thru 2016.  This was not an easy feat.  If you’re unfamiliar with how Angie’s List works, I’ll give you a quick breakdown.  Angie’s list has a database of customers which pay appx $15 for an entire year. With this, you the customer get dozens of contractors to choose from when needing service done.  So if it was window cleaning you were looking for, you would simply log into your account and search for window cleaning company’s.  This will bring up all the Cda window cleaning company’s in the area.

Once a company is chosen Angie’s List encouraged you the customer to leave the company a review on how they did.  You can probably see where this is going.  So you have a bunch of company’s with reviews from paying customers.  The company’s that attain a perfect grade with no bad reviews win what they call the “Angie’s List Super Service Award”  To satisfy everyone isn’t an easy thing to do.  Enough about us, let’s find out how we can help you.  Here’s a little bit about our services.  If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call.  We would love to speak with you.


Window Cleaning Coeur d Alene


How We Clean Your Windows

Our methods of window washing are both traditional and we also use the newest technology. The normal squeegee is still a very big part of our arsenal. However, our water fed pole fed by pure water is the new wave of window cleaning for a good reason. It starts with a state of the art water purifying system. This on-site system hooks directly to the outdoor water supply. It then strips the water of all minerals and impurities.Then it runs the pure water up a long telescopic pole to a soft brush that gently scrubs and rinses each window. This system was specially designed for cleaning windows (up to four stories). You may not know it, but this is one of the best cleaning agents you can use for removing dirt from windows. After being purified the water is starved for minerals latching on to any dirt, it comes in contact with. Carrying the dirt particles with it as water runs from each window. The excess water then dries leaving the windows Totally Spot Free. All of this while both feet are safely on the ground. It really is ideal for window cleaning.

Which Window Cleaning Services Do We Offer

A Pane In The Glass specializes in all categories of window cleaning. Whether it’s residential, commercial or storefront windows needing to be cleaned, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied. We offer Spokane Window Cleaning and many other areas. We can completely customize a maintenance package to fit your needs at an affordable price to fit your budget.We’re fully committed to your total satisfaction or your money back. Insurance A Pane in the Glass Professional Window Cleaning is a corporation, licensed and insured. Sleep easy tonight, knowing that your property and peace of mind is completely protected by 1 million of liability coverage. Give us a call today or fill out the form on our Estimate page. We’re looking forward to adding you to our Long List of happy customers.

Coeur d Alene window cleaning


Gutter Cleaning Services

A Pane in the Glass specializes in windows but I have to admit, we’ve gotten pretty good at gutter cleaning too.  We have several different packages to choose from depending on your exact needs.  Some gutters need more attention than others.  Some may not need that much and perhaps a basic gutter cleaning package will suffice.  Call today and we will walk you thru everything over the phone.


Call now - (208) 215-3313


Other Services:

A Pane in the Glass offers several services:  Residential Window Washing, Storefront Window Cleaning, Commercial Window Cleaning, Highrise Window Cleaning, Construction window cleaning, Construction Clean up and Storm windows.

Residential Window Cleaning

The saying goes “And I don’t do windows” We can take care of this for you. What’s the other saying? “Make it look easy?” It is pretty easy with over a decade of experience at cleaning windows. Between this expertise and our love for window cleaning, it puts us above the rest. And it also explains why when someone is looking for a Spokane window cleaner, we are overwhelmingly their preferred choice. Window cleaning is an art – without practice and experience, you simply can’t expect good results. Let us save you the headache.

Screen cleaning

Modern day technology is beautiful. Don’t pay to replace those old dirty screens. Our Special formula of emulsions, UV inhibitors, glossing agents, and dust repellents don’t just cover the dust, it destroys it. The dust particles are organically dissolved making the screens look like new and the dust repellents help to keep them looking that way.

Mirror Cleaning 

We also offer interior mirror cleaning. Those hard to reach or toothpaste speckled mirrors are our favorites. I challenge you to give us a shot at just one mirror and you’ll be amazed how clean it is after we’re finished.


In this day and age we live in, a good image is very important. When I go into a restaurant, the first thing I look at is the windows. If they aren’t clean I have to wonder what the kitchen looks like. You have a lot on your plate running a business and shouldn’t have the burden of trying to clean your own windows. Let us take this weight off your shoulders and do the cleaning for you so you can focus on your business. 

We work with you to customize your own routine service plan. We have several programs: Semi-monthly, 
Monthly, Quarterly, Even on call service lets us help you create and tailor a program to fit your exact needs. Do You want to have your windows cleaned every two months? No problem!!

No written contracts – I’ve never believed in this. If you aren’t a satisfied customer who am I to try and hold you to more service? We have happy customers that stay with us because they love our service, not because they’re tied to a contract.


We are the guys behind the scenes. Property managers often refer to us as their knight in shining armor. We make them look good. That’s what we do!! Through our experience, commitment, and expertise, we build trustworthy relationships with our customers that will last a lifetime. For really high windows we use the best technology in the business. Our state of the art waterfed pole and the purifying system does a superior job. It not only cleans the glass better than any hands on system can, it gives us the safety of doing up to 4 stories from the ground. Cleaning frames and everything around the glass. Do you have impossible to reach windows? Give us a call at (509) 954-9152 – We’ll be glad to assist you.

Construction Clean

In most cases, a construction company’s specialty is not glass cleaning. If this occurs, it often results in damaged or scratched glass. Having 17 years of experience (let’s just say you’re in good hands when you choose “A Pane in the Glass”. We use the best-known methods to safely remove plaster, concrete, stucco, silicone, stickers and paint without scratching your glass.

Christmas Light Installation and Takedown

A Pane in the Glass plays Santa Clause for appx 2 months of the year.  We offer resale of lights if you don’t have any as well as installation. We’re really good at climbing ladders so this work isn’t that difficult for us.  After the Christmas Season is over we will come remove the lights boxing them up neatly for next year. Offering Christmas Light installation, take down and Christmas light purchase to Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Post Falls, Couer d’Alene, Colbert, Mead, Cheney, Greenacres, Veradale.


Call now - (208) 215-3313


Window Cleaning Coeur d alene Cda

A Pane in the Glass was awarded Best Spokane Window Cleaning Company six straights years in a row.  Not only are we licensed but we are backed by hundreds of raving reviews from happy customers.  These customers have used us for services such as Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning,  Christmas Light Installation and Maid Service.

You deserve to have your windows cleaned by a company you are comfortable with having in your home and around your property.  Over the last 12 years we have accumulated thousands of repeat window cleaning customers.  Not only being awarded Best Window Cleaning company in Cda we were also awarded the Angies List Super Service Award three more years in a row.  This award doesn’t come easy as it’s all based on customer service and quality of work.  If you’re unfamiliar with how Angies List works I encourage you to do a simple search “How does Angies List work”

A Couple reasons to Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Company

Whether it’s for your home or business, clean windows can add a touch of cleanliness to customers coming into your business or maybe that picky inlaw.  Maybe you have a neighbor coming over for coffee.  I guarantee one of the most noticeable things on your front porch is the clean picture window next to it.  Hiring a professional service to clean your windows is going to save you time and possibly a bunch of frustration.  It may seem like an easy task to perform until you’ve actually tried it.  We are going to produce a near perfect result in a fraction of the time it would take you.  Window cleaning in Spokane and Coeur d alene has been offered for over a decade.

How to find a Good Spokane Window Cleaning Company

It all starts with gathering a pool of potential picks.  You can find these by performing an online search that looks something like this “your city, window cleaning” – This will pull a bunch of window cleaning company’s in your area.  Once you have put this list together, then it’s time to do your own detective work.  Run a background check on each company.  I know this sounds difficult but it’s quite simple actually.  A great way to check if a company is good or bad, is to listen to what their customers are saying.  Testimonials can be found from several different sources on the internet.  This search would look something like:  “found company, city, service and reviews”  That search will pull up several sites that gather reviews from customers like you that have used a company.  Sites like Google Plus, City search and Angies List.  Angies List is probably the most accurate in my opinion.  They specialize in connecting the customer to good reputable contractors.

How Does Angies List Work

It starts off by becoming an Angies List member.  The yearly membership dues is appx $15 for the entire year.  This gives you access to a data base of contractors people have left reviews on.  So let’s say you used ABD window cleaning and you were an Angies List member.  Once the window cleaning was done, Angies List would reach out encouraging you to leave a review on how the company did.  Then when the next member was looking for window cleaning, they would see the review you left for ABD window cleaning.  This is a great way to save some time and headache choosing the right window cleaning company.  A company can make all the claims of how good they are, but the real proof is in the review.

Why A Pane in the Glass

As I already mentioned, any company can make claims they are good at what they do.  I encourage you to look at our reviews and some of the company’s we do business with.  We clean windows for some of the biggest construction company’s in the area.  Also some major well known corporations.  For your piece of mind we carry a two million dollar liability policy and also use the best equipment money can buy.   Don’t just take my word for it, give us a call and schedule a window cleaning.  You’ll see that in actuality we are a customer service company which just happens to wash windows.


Call now - (208) 215-3313